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Vivid Snares

Vivid Crab Snares

Vivid Crab Snares

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Unleash the ultimate crabbing experience with our extraordinary Vivid Snares! Lead-free and glow-in-the-dark, these innovative crab snares are designed to captivate both avid anglers and casual crabbers alike.

Glow-in-the-Dark Brilliance: Watch as your snares come alive under the night sky, guiding you to a bountiful catch. Our vivid snares glow with an enchanting radiance, ensuring visibility even in the darkest hours. 

Upgraded Bait Retainer: Say goodbye to missed opportunities! Our snares feature an advanced bait retainer system, keeping your bait securely in place and enticing the crabs to strike with relentless enthusiasm. 

Lead-Free for Safety and Convenience: Your well-being is our priority. With our lead-free construction, you can handle our snares with peace of mind, without worrying about harmful effects. Toss them in your lunch bag, ready for your next crabbing adventure, and leave lead poisoning concerns behind. 

Dive into a New Era of Crabbing Excellence: Vivid Snares combine innovation, safety, and unparalleled performance to elevate your crabbing escapades. Experience the thrill of catching crabs like never before, with snares designed to exceed your expectations. 

Weight options:


-Great for low swells
-Perfect for the pier and jetties
-Great for most medium-heavy action rods


-Great for low-medium swells
-Perfect for pier, jetties, and the surf
-Works with some medium-heavy action rods


Introducing our 10oz model with sand anchor! It's designed to secure itself firmly in the sandy floor from the medium currents by gradually taking in sand into the gaps. This extra 1oz hold ensures your snare stays securely in place until you're ready to reel in your catch. Keeping your snare anchored is key for crabs, and this snare provides a higher success rate!


-Great for medium+ swells
-Works great for heavy action rods

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