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JohnnyJigs Torpedo Glider "UFO" Slow Pitch Jig

JohnnyJigs Torpedo Glider "UFO" Slow Pitch Jig

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It’s here! The NEW and INNOVATIVE Johnny Jigs Torpedo Glider "UFO" slow pitch jig! We took our top performing torpedo mold and added wings to make it glide and flutter like no other jig. Then we took it one step further by adding a ball bearing swivel which allows complete freedom in the drop and flutter, and reduces line twisting. This jig is perfect for low current conditions and has a highly erratic flutter, but the Torpedo Glider's advantage is its ability to start sinking without hang-time.  This is another must- have in the jig bag for grouper, snapper, and other similar bottom species. 

Lure is 350 g, Gold/Red Glow

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