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The Fish Grip

The Fish Grip

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Gamefish and Junior Models

The Fish Grip is a new fish landing device developed by an expert angler and used by many fishing guides. These hand-held fish holders grab the fish by the lip and hold him like pliers. This technique keeps you or the fish from being hurt. Once the fish is caught, you grab the fish by the lip, using the fish grip, locking the grip in place to secure the fish from wiggling away. The Fish Grip is very popular on the West Coast with the Kayak anglers, both in fresh and salt water, as well as surf casting, canoe fishing, and drift boats! Forget the gaff! Keep the fish Happy and Healthy, READY FOR CATCH AND RELEASE!!!!!!

The Fish Grip is made of sturdy, High-Impact Plastic which allows this fishing tool to be lightweight and float. The fish lipper comes in two sizes, 10” (Gamefish) and 7” (Junior).

The Fish Grip is a Norton Rattler product manufactured by United Plastic Molders. You have our assurance that this quality product will help to successfully land a fish with less chance of injury either to the fisherman or to the fish, which may be released.

Proudly made in the USA!

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