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Pro-Troll HC11 Lighted Flasher

Pro-Troll HC11 Lighted Flasher

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Pro-Troll's HC11 Lighted Flashers feature a built-in, water-activated light which turns on when it contacts the water, and turns off when dry.  Its unique circuits flash red, white and green on both sides of the flasher. The sealed battery lasts 80 hours or more, and then the light can be easily replaced.

This 11" flasher has a big advantage when trolling slow (between 1 and 2 mph).  The kicker fin keeps the flasher kicking and spinning even at these slow speeds.  Late in the season when the large salmon hogs arrive, most of the time they will not hit a fast moving bait.  This flasher is ideal under those circumstances. You can troll slow and still have a good flasher kick.        

Note: lighted flashers and glow flashers are most effective in dim light (early morning) or in cloudy water or when fishing deep (where it's dark).

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