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Hook2Cook Perch Pouch

Hook2Cook Perch Pouch

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The Perch Pouch is an original design to help surf perch fishermen keep their catch fresh and clean while they fish, allowing for more time in the hot spot to catch more fish!


Keeps you on the school without having to move to put your fish away

Stops you from getting fish spines through your waders like a mesh bag can

Comfortably carries your catch on your waist, while you continue fishing without putting extra strain on your shoulder

Prevents your catch from dragging on the ground, and stops you tripping like a game clip would 

Conveniently measures your catch. The Perch Pouch has a measuring tape printed on it to measure fish up to 18". The overall bag length is 22", in case you catch a halibut!

Allows anglers who keep their fish to bleed them out in the water while they continue to fish. This keeps their catch fresh and cold, for the best quality to eat when they get home.


  • Quick clip to remove Perch Pouch from your belt quickly. Easily adjusts for taller anglers.
  • Drain holes allow you to drain your fish to keep it fresh.
  • The Perch Pouch is made from durable PVC material. It's waterproof and won't soak in water, making it heavier.


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