Okuma Hawaiian Custom Rods


The Okuma Hawaiian Custom Series rods are the latest addition to regional specific rods designed and built by local fisherman for the species and territory they are targeting.  Utilizing the latest in technology, these rods were built for the extreme conditions put forth by the Hawaiian shore-based fisherman.

In this updated version of the very popular original Okuma Hawaiian Rods, they strive to meet even truer actions that Hawaiian anglers are craving.  Having worked with local fisherman from various islands, these rods should meet the demands and specifications needed.

The Hawaiian Custom Series rods lineup covers five total models.  Three of the models are all long spinning rods meant for chasing Menpachi and other inshore dwellers, while the other two are designed specifically for chasing giant Ulua. The three spinning models come in at 10-foot 7-inch medium Heavy, 12-foot Medium Heavy, and 13-foot medium heavy, while the Ulua slide rods are both 13-foot with a medium heavy or heavy action. 

The components on the Hawaiian Custom Series rods are all top notch.  The spinning models all utilize ALPS-316 stainless guide frames with zirconium guide inserts for the use of braided or monofilament lines, and feature a split butt design for reduced weight and improved balance.  Ulua slide rods utilize a stainless steel rod butt for durability in and among lava rocks, as well as a stainless steel bell holder.  They also use the “Hilo Style” spiral guides. 


  • Split butt design to reduce weight and improve balance
  • Features ALPS-316 grade stainless steel guide frames
  • Zirconium guide inserts for braided or monofilament lines
  • Specialized TPE foam material on fore and rear grip for durability
  • All rods feature a 3K metal woven material for custom look
  • 1-year warranty on all Hawaiian Custom rods


HWM-S-1072MHA A 8-20 LBS 1/2-2 OZ 10+TIP 10'7 MH M/MF 2-PCS $119.99 FIND DEALER
HWM-S-1202MHA A 8-20 LBS 1/2-2 OZ 11+TIP 12'0 MH M/MF 2-PCS $129.99 FIND DEALER
HWM-S-1302MHA A 8-20 LBS 1/2-2 OZ 12+TIP 13'0 MH M/MF 2-PCS $139.99 FIND DEALER
HWU-C-1302MHA B 50-60 LBS 7-10 OZ 7+TIP 13'0 MH MF 2-PCS $199.99
HWU-C-1302HA B 50-80 LBS 9-12 OZ 7+TIP 13'0 H MF 2-PCS $199.99
HWA-S-862MHA A 10-20 LBS 3/8-1-1/2 OZ 8 + TIP 8' 6 MH M/MF 2-PCS $109.99
HWA-S-902MA A 8-17 LBS 3/8-1 OZ 9 + TIP 9' 0 M M/MF 2-PCS $119.99
HWA-S-902MHA A 10-20 LBS 3/8-1-1/2 OZ 9 + TIP 9' 0 MH M/MF 2-PCS $119.99
HWA-S-1402MHA A 12-25 LBS 1/2-1-3/4 OZ 13 + TIP 14' 0 MH M/MF 2-PCS $149.99 FIND DEALER
HWA-S-902MA-LE A 8-17 LBS 3/8-1 OZ 9 + TIP 9' 0 M M/MF 2-PCS $119.99
HWA-S-902MHA-LE A 10-20 LBS 3/8-1-1/2 OZ 9 + TIP 9' 0 MH M/MF 2-PCS $119.99
HSP-S-962MA C 30-65 LBS 30-160 GR 8 + TIP 9' 6 M MF 2-PCS $119.99
HWU-C-1302MHB D 50 - 60 LBS 7 - 10 OZ 7 + TIP 13' 0" MH MF 2-PCS $212.99

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