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Mustad Oto Diving Pencil

Mustad Oto Diving Pencil

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Make room for Mustad’s latest saltwater hardbait: The Oto Diving Pencil. For an unbeatable intense flash, the Oto boasts a transparent body with internal reflective material and ribbed construction. This design improves strength and buoyancy, leading to the stable action expected from a premium diving pencil. These lures have been specifically designed for ease of use when targeting picky eaters, especially Cali Yellowtail, Amberjack and Yellowtail Kingfish.

In addition, a reflective blade (not shown) has been added on the belly, which adds to the action of the lure in the water. Fish will struggle to throw hooks on this bait because of the partially integrated swivels, both in the belly and tail. Pre-rigged with Mustad’s new Jaw Lok Treble Hooks, triple forged for impressive strength.

  • 6.3″ 2.6oz (160mm, 75g)
  • Rigged with Mustad Jaw Lok Trebles
  • Built-in swivels
  • Reflective bone structure
  • Reflective blade added on belly
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