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Madame Lure

Madame Lure The Big Richard

Madame Lure The Big Richard

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The Big Richard lure was designed with a very simple purpose: to take a beating. The designers at Madame Lure were tired of throwing swimbaits and having them get tails ripped off and damaged beyond repair after just one fish. So they created the Big Richard.

The Big Richard is a basic swimbait that is beefed up with harder plastic and a thick round tail. It's designed primarily to jig, but can also be retrieved or trolled with ease. Most of all, it can repeatedly handle toothy fish and holds up enough to keep fishing so you aren't caught trying to pin on new baits right when the bite is red hot. This is the Rocky Balboa of swimbaits. It's short. It's stout. It can take a beating. It can set records.

The 7" Big Richard fits flush with 12, 16 and 24 oz Leadheads.

Color shown: "Tuna Crab"

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