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Lamiglas G1000 Pro GP96LS

Lamiglas G1000 Pro GP96LS

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The Lamiglas G1000 Pro is a premium and durable handcrafted workhorse. Since 1974, the G1000 Pro Series has been a staple among the salmon and steelhead communities up and down the West Coast. The light action steelhead models are a dream, fully capable yet light, balanced and effective in hand. 

The Lamiglas GP96LS is an amazing light-action spinning rod that isensitive, agile and ready to fish. It's the ideal steelhead multi-purpose rod, or bank rod for big trout.
Side-drifting fanatics will be all over this model, and if you’re on the bank casting a spinner, float or light drift gear, the GP96LS will fit the job description perfectly. 
Moderate-Fast action sets hooks efficiently, but protects leaders and allows hot fish to twist and turn.
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington USA.
  • 9'6" | 2-Piece Spinning Rod
  • 6-10 lb. line
  • 1/4 - 1/2 oz. lure
  • Mod-Fast Action
  • Light Power
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