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Chasebaits Ultimate Squid 11.8"

Chasebaits Ultimate Squid 11.8"

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Designed to be the most realistic Squid ever made, the Chasebaits Ultimate Squid is ready to do battle with the biggest fish! The squid's wings will mesmerize you with the most realistic roll and swim action, just like a real squid.  With custom 3D squid eyes, custom scent, contracting tentacles and extended candles that flutter with any movement.  Designed with a solid body (not hollow), add THE ULTIMATE SQUID to a drop rig, use as an addition to a jig or just add a jig head. The options are endless. THE ULTIMATE SQUID is one of the most adaptable and realistic squid lures ever made.


11.8" - Use Chasebaits' custom designed "Squid Rig - 11.8" -
or, Rig with a weighted Jighead, 3oz or heavier, with a 6/0 - 10/0 hook.

Size: 11.8"  |  Per Pack: 1 pc 

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