Chasebaits Ultimate Squid 7.8"

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Designed to be the most realistic Squid ever made. The wings will mesmerize you with the most realistic roll and swim action, just like a real squid.  With custom 3D squid eyes, custom scent, contracting tentacles and extended candles that flutter with any movement.  Designed with a solid body (not hollow), add THE ULTIMATE SQUID to a drop rig, use as an addition to a jig or just add a jig head. The options are endless. THE ULTIMATE SQUID is one of the most adaptable and realistic squid lures ever made.


7.8" - Use Chasebaits' custom designed "Squid Rig - 7.8" 
OR rig with a weighted Jighead or Wormhook, 3/4 oz up to 3oz, with a 4/0 - 6/0 hook

Size: 7.8"  |  Per Pack: 2 pc 

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