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Chasebaits Fork Bait

Chasebaits Fork Bait

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Chasebaits Fork Bait soft plastics feature a classic slim profile with stunning 2-tone injected colors, a belly slit for weedless rigging if required, and a realistic 3D eye is the finishing touch on this impressive soft plastic model. Perfect for pitching, flipping, or jigging your way onto your PB!

Every Fork Bait has extra salt added into the belly for balance and buoyancy. The proprietary shrimp-enhanced scent is internally injected and added externally as a coating for enhanced fish sensory perception. The nose on the Fork Bait has been reinforced with additional thickness and a “bubble-producing” concave indention to ensure seamless and extra strong-long lasting hook rigging.

Built to power fish in the pursuit of donkeys or finesse your favorite honey hole, the Chasebaits Fork Bait is a versatile must-have in every angler’s box of tricks.

SIZE: 3" (7 pieces) or 5" (5 pieces)
ACTION: Flip, Pitch, and Drop-Shot

METHOD: Jig, Drop-Shot, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig Slow Retrieve or Twitch

FEATURES: Realistic Slender Minnow Body, Proprietary PVC Body, Super Realistic Eyes, Fork Style Minnow Tail Bait, Double Salt Injected and Proprietary Shrimp Scent Enhancement.
ROD & REEL SET-UP: Medium Light to Medium Spinning Reel with Matching 6’ to 7’6” Rod
LINE: Mainline-12lb to 30lb Mono or Fluorocarbon or 10lb to 30lb Braid
LEADER: 15lb to 30Lb Fluorocarbon Leader
Target Species:  Irresistible to all manner of gamefish, especially large and small mouth bass, snook, trou
t and redfish.

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