California Coast Rockfish ID Guide

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Are you unsure about what kind of rockfish you just caught? You won't be guessing with the field guide to California Coast Rockfish.  This guide is a flat, single-sheet chart, which is a perfect reference for sport fisherman looking for rockfish, sheephead, lingcod, greenling, and others. It's richly illustrated, with over 40 full-color depictions of the bottom fish you can expect to find off the California Coast. Each illustration is accompanied by the common name for the fish, the scientific name, its typical weight and size, and typical location, such as nearshore (shallow or deeper) and on the shelf.

The California Coast Rockfish chart is 7" by 11" (17.85 cm by 28 cm), double-sided, laminated to withstand the elements, and printed on high-quality stock with durable UV-resistant inks. Bring along a few in your tackle box, because once your buddies see yours, they'll want one too!


Type: Books

Vendor: Rainforest Publications

Category: ID Chart, Rockfish

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