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BTCT Thunder Jig

BTCT Thunder Jig

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Heavy Headed jigs, with trailing assist hooks, and lots of frog hair equal the hottest new design in jigs! Our heaviest model is 9 ounces, plenty of weight to get to the bottom in a hurry! These jigs are very different for one main reason... The less you do, the better they work! Seriously... Just let your rod set in the rod holder until you see your rod starting to load up, and then start reeling in the line, quickly and smoothly, and the hooks will set themselves! Double assist circle hooks mean less hang-ups, along with tons of action, make this a bait you should include every time you hit the seas! We also offer other versions, smaller and lighter, for deep freshwater as well as saltwater! These jigs do a great job on Ling Cod, Rock Cod, Cabezon, White Sea-bass, Halibut, and ??? This lure can be used with the new light rods that are sensitive, as well as strong enough to deal with the most ornery fish anywhere! Great from small boats in the harbor in the lighter models, excellent for fishing from kayak, and still plenty for fishing on the Charters! 

Available in:

80 gram (2-3/4 oz), 100 gram (3-1/2 oz), 120 gram (4-1/2 oz), 150 gram (5 oz), 7 oz, and 9 oz.

Gold/Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Silver/Purple, Silver/Green and Silver/Gold/Orange


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