BTCT Reapers

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Reapers are a basic variation of a soft plastic grub, with a rounded head and body leading to soft, thin membranes on both sides. The smaller reapers resemble a leech and are great for walleye and bass. The larger 4" reapers mimic baitfish and work well for larger bass all the way up to pike.  These reapers are designed with unique scalloped membranes, which create a lifelike fluttering action that drives fish crazy.

Most anglers rig a leech/reaper tipped on a jighead, inserting the hook through the head, or use a split shot rig and a single hook. Reapers are a good bait to use on waters that receive a high amount of angling pressure.

3-3/4" Reapers come 4 to a pack and are $3.99.

4" Reapers come 4 to a pack and are $4.99.

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