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BTCT Crocodile Spoons

BTCT Crocodile Spoons

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Crocodile-style spoons have been effective on trout or bass, salmon or stripers, bluefish, calicos, and halibut for generations. These lures operate on a simple premise: big fish eat smaller fish. Year in and year out, the crocodile-type spoon proves itself to be the most productive spoon ever built.

Available in 3, 5, 7, and 9 oz.

Use in freshwater or saltwater

Color: Chrome with Silver Holographic Tape

Rigged with extra sturdy Treble hook

Spoon can be cast and retrieved, jigged over structure, or trolled

Great for trout, bass, bass, salmon, stripers, yellowtail, bluefish, calicos, halibut, tuna, barracuda, bonito, yellowfin....

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