Blue Fox Foxee Fish Super Wobbler 1 oz

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The Foxee Fish Super Wobbler features holographic finishes and rattlin' and wide, sweeping action. It's ideal for trolling at slow speeds, back trolling and fishing river currents. The Foxee Fish sweeps wide through the water, sending flashes of light and sound, attracting fish like Salmon and Trout from afar. Lures are 5" in length.

Type: Lures

Vendor: Blue Fox

Category: Rivers, Salmon, Trolling, Trout

Trolling Action - Designed for aggressive, wide wobbling action when trolling

Rap Snap - Stainless steel with black finish -  For quick and easy rigging

Scent Pocket - Internal felt chamber holds scent in place

Bait Wrap Notches - Helps keep wrapped bait secured to lure body

Rattling - Loud, rhythmic rattles

Holographic Bodies - Bright, light-catching flash for maximum attraction

Wide Sweeping Action

Heavy-Duty Split Rings

1X Strong High Carbon Steel VMC Hook - Extremely sharp for excellent penetration - Strong to resist opening

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