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Big Hammer

Big Hammer 4" Swimbait

Big Hammer 4" Swimbait

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The 4 inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is known as the best "swimming" of all the Big Hammer™ swimbaits. It is the perfect size bait when targeting finicky fish that usually prefer the 5 or even 5½ inch. It is the most popular size for Southern California Bay Bass fisherman and very effective for all saltwater bass during the Winter months when the fish are sluggish. The 4 inch Big Hammer™ has also proven itself over the past several years as a great freshwater bass and walleye lure in both the U.S. and Europe. 

In the inshore waters of the South East and Gulf States it is a phenomenal redfish and speckled trout lure.  A "secret weapon" of many West Coast tuna fishermen is to use the 4 inch Big Hammer swimbait on a heavy (1 or 1.5 oz.) jig head instead of the more commonly used 5 inch swimbait.

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