Big Hammer 3" Swimbait

The 3 inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is the "go - to" swimbait. It is the swimbait of choice when fishing ponds, shallow areas, or simply covering a lot of water. From a bluegill to yellowtail, this bait has caught, them all. On a 1/4 oz. jig head it is a perfect shallow water bass lure that is great for covering a lot of water and subtle depth changes at the same time with one bait. It is an excellent bait for inshore saltwater fishing on both the East and West Coasts. In the West it is one of the most popular baits for inshore halibut and surf perch, the occasional White Seabass, and one of the "go to" baits for Spotted Bay Bass. In the Eastern states it has proven itself as an excellent soft plastic bait for trout and redfish.

Type: Lures

Vendor: Big Hammer

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