BaitPro VizTrail Floating Trout Dough

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BaitPro is a progressive bait company offering fisherman the very best in bait technology. With over 40 years of fishing experience, they offer a truly unique UV bait for your trout, catfish, crappie sturgeon and carp fishing. Floating Trout Dough balls contain their own amino acid-based fish attractant X-Cite™​​, which has proven to be a real winner by pro staff during testing. The Sticky "Scentrail" sticks to your baits and leaves a powerful trail of scent and color during retrieval of your lure.  They are proven to be excellent in the Bass, Trout & Crappie markets during 2018/19!
Choose from Anise, Corn, Garlic and Nightcrawler scents.
Floating Trout Dough...
  • Vivid fluorescent colors
  • Includes X-CITE Fish Attractant
  • Simply mold around the hook, and catch fish!

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