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Arbogast Lures

Arbogast Jitterbug Topwater Lure

Arbogast Jitterbug Topwater Lure

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The Arbogast Jitterbug's double cupped lip, placed at precisely the correct angle, produces the loud, rhythmic, surface-busting sound proven to be irresistible to bass, pike and other gamefish. Just reel the Jitterbug in and let it wag back and forth with a deep, gurgling rhythm that bass can't ignore. Bigger bass have been known to follow this long-casting surface bait for half a retrieve before giving in and launching their attack.

The standard for all night-time topwater lures.


  • Species: Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Panfish
  • Size: 3/8 oz or 1/4 oz
  • Cranking Depth: Topwater
  • Hooks: #1 treble hooks
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