Zombie Baits

Zombie Baits freeze-dried bait is the best live-bait alternative on the market. Once hydrated with fresh water, the worms/shrimp look and feel alive! They move naturally under water and smell like live bait. The bait's natural scent, hormones, and enzymes are intact through the freeze-drying process. 

Just fill your package with water (fresh is best), then soak for 5 minutes until fully hydrated. Empty excess water, hook soaked bait, and you're ready to fish!

  • 100% Natural texture & movements in water
  • 100% Natural scent, enzymes, & hormones
  • More durable for hooking, trimming, and casting than live bait
  • Packaging is resealable and can be filled with water to hydrate the bait
  • 2-Year shelf life, no preservatives
  • Attracts salt and freshwater fish
  • Easy to transport
  • Available in Bloodworm, Ghost Shrimp, Green Lugworm and Red Lugworm.


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