Tady Slow Pitch Jig

Tady introduces their Slow Pitch Jig, the jig with the craziest and most fish-catching action! Not only are these jigs beautiful to look at, they have a partial concave curve on one side, and a thick, fat section on the striped back. This makes for an erratic action that works great whether you're jerking it or letting it fall.

When casted, the lure will swim away from you in a darting motion. As the lure swims back and forth, the lure will flicker, showing the V glow pattern. These features will attract game fish from further distances. The Slow Pitch comes unrigged, ready for you to add your favorite hook setup. Try these and drive your favorite fish crazy!

Five colors:

Blue Holo: Blue Sardine with Orange one side, Orange/Blue/Glow/Silver stripe on flip side

Blue Pink: Blue Pink Holo one side, Blue/Pink/Glow/Silver stripe on flip side

Purple Holo: Purple Orange Holo on side, Purple/Orange/Glow/Silver stripe on flip side

Red Crab: Red/Orange Holo on side, Red Glow Stripe on flip side.

Squid: Squid Holo on side, Squid Glow Stripe on flip side.

Available in 100, 150 and 200 grams


Type: Lures

Vendor: Tady

Category: glow in dark, holo, jig, Slow Pitch Jigs, stripe, Tady

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