Tady AA Surface Lure

TADY - They've been a staple in every game fisherman's tackle box for years - for good reason! 
A greatly economical lure, Tady's AA is a little lighter than the A2, so it has a little slower drop when you use it as a cast and retrieve lure. It swims well, also can be used Yo-yo style with a little softer flutter than the AA. It's an excellent yellowtail lure, and you can really work water column well with this design.
If you're getting ready to fish game fish, you aren't really ready without a good supply of Tady Lures!


  • Swims well
  • Great for cast and retrieve with a slow drop
  • Use Yo-yo style
  • Excellent for Yellowtail
  • Model: AA

    Lure Color/Use suggestions:   Blue/White: Everything!   Scrambled Egg: Everything!   Blue/Chrome: Tuna      

    We have a large selection, the finest colors, and friendly, knowledgeable service to make sure you get that lure when you need it! 

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