Storm Arashi Rattling Square 5 Crankbait

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Based on the super-cranking successful Arashi Silent Square 3 & 5, Storm's Rattling Square 5 model features a multi-ball rattle system that precisely imitates the sound of baitfish feeding in the shallows. Key design features previously only found in expensive, custom lures gives anglers a true edge when fishing an Arashi® lure. The Square 5 runs with a lively rolling action and a pronounced tail kick. Built-in buoyancy to back out of cover with a square lip design for increased deflection is the perfect match for contacting structure. Rigged with Premium Black Nickel VMC® Hooks. Running depth 5 feet.


  • MULTI-BALL RATTLE SYSTEM delivers a higher pitch and raspy tone imitating shallow water baitfish
  • ROTATED HOOK HANGERS nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing hang-ups and allowing larger hooks (Patent Pending)
  • SELF-TUNING LINE TIE is a free-moving design that keeps the lure tracking true, ensuring non-stop fishing action (Patent Pending)
  • CIRCUIT BOARD LIP starts right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth. Extremely thin with superior strength and durability

VERY LIMITED INVENTORY! When they're gone, they're gone!

Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks Size
ASQR03 3' 2-1/8" 1/2 oz. 4

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