Shimano Waxwing Saltwater Jig

Shimano Waxwing is the next generation of Sub-Surface swimming jigs for saltwater fisherman. Simply cast the jig and point your rod tip straight towards the jig, then start reeling. This jig swims side-to-side in a zigzag motion with an irregular kicking action which triggers the fish to strike.

Weight Range: 14g-126g

Size Range: 5 Size Options - 14g (1/2 oz), 25g (7/8 oz), 45g (1-1/2 oz), 62 g (2 oz), 126g (4.4 oz).

Color Range: 17 Available Colors

Action: Sinking


Type: Lures

Vendor: Shimano

Category: Saltwater, Sinking, Sub-Surface

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