Shimano SP-Orca Baby

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The Shimano SP Orca Baby is yet another addition to the Orca family of lures, which are known for their ability to take down large pelagic species cast after cast. While most of the Orca line of lures were designed as topwater lures, the SP Orca Baby is a sub-surface casting jig designed to mimic a slim anchovy and other micro baits that large tuna key in on. Not only does this lure possess a tuna-enticing swimming action, it also wobbles on the fall, giving anglers more opportunity for hookups during the retrieve when the bite gets tough. Even though this lure is not through-wired, it is extremely durable and designed with a stainless steel plate in the head of the jig that is capable of handling up to 200lbs of pressure. Weighing in at 1.5oz and 3.5” in length, this lure is ready to fish right out of the box with its single rigged assist hook for large tuna and other pelagic species. The SP Orca Baby is a must-have in your tackle arsenal when you find tuna keyed in on the smallest of prey, especially for the fall run of bluefin tuna off the northeast coast.

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