Shimano Pop Orca

Shimano’s new saltwater popper is getting the tuna's attention with its "Bubble Chamber," which spews bubbles and splashes as it darts along. This "Bubble Chamber" open-mouth design is based on the same principle of how a jet engine turns low pressure into high pressure. It also makes the Pop Orca much easier to work than conventional poppers.

Available in 120mm and 150mm sizes in tasty, tuna-tempting colors.

Type: Lures

Vendor: Shimano

Category: bubble chamber, pop orca, Popper, saltwater, Tuna

Model NumberWeightLengthDepthColorType
OP121NEBK 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Black Floating
OP190PEBS 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Blue Sardine Floating
OP151NEPT 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Pink Stripe Floating
OP190PEBK 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Black Floating
OP190PEGC 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Green Chart Floating
OP190PECS 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Crear Silver Floating
OP151NEGM 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Green Mack Floating
OP190PEGM 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Green Mackerel Floating
OP190PEPS 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Pink Silver Floating
OP151NEPS 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Pink Silver Floating
OP151NEGC 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Green Chart Floating
OP121NEBS 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Blue Sardine Floating
OP121NEGM 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Green Mack Floating
OP121NECS 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Clear Silver Floating
OP121NEGC 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Green Chart Floating
OP121NEPT 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Pink Stripe Floating
OP121NEPS 52g/1.8oz 120mm Topwater Pink Silver Floating
OP151NECS 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Clear Silver Floating
OP151NEBK 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Black Floating
OP151NEBS 89g/3.1oz 150mm Topwater Blue Sardine Floating
OP190PEPT 23g / 0.8oz 90mm Topwater Pink Stripe Floating

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