Shimano Baraja Worm Binders

Shimano's Baraja Worm Binders feature hard-sided construction for easy storage into a bag, pocket or boat locker. Heavy duty .15mm thick pages with metal grommets are included. Locking ring system allows for quick removal of a page for high volume items. Available in 3 sizes.


  • Material : Hard Sided Construction
  • Size Range : Medium - Jumbo
  • Color Options : Black & Blue


  • Hard Sided Construction
  • 3 Sizes - Medium - Jumbo
  • 2-Way zippered opening for easy access
  • Inside pockets for optimal storage
  • Heavy duty clear pages (included)
  • Black & Blue

Type: Gear

Vendor: Shimano

Category: Worm Binder

ABWB300BK Medium Black 12"X 3.5" X 9.5" Hard Sided Construction
ABWB310BK Large Black 12" X 4.5" X 10" Hard Sided Construction
ABWB320BK Jumbo Black 12" X 5.5" X 14" Hard Sided Construction

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