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Owner Rustop

Owner Rustop

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Owner Rustop is a product for the most conscientious of anglers. Save money, save on terminal tackle and a host of other metal marine utilities by using Owner Rustop. The bottom line is that you will keep your kit in better condition and therefore catch more fish for less.

Never compromise on the standard and condition of your hooks. After all it is this critical piece of kit that connects you to the fight. Use Owner Rustop on your hooks and save time, save money and catch more fish.

Features and Specifications

  • One pack gets you 10 strips
  • 50mm x 100mm strip when cut into 10 strips preserves 10 hooks, lures or other terminal tackle pieces
  • Easy to use and environmentally beneficial
  • Ideal for a host of marine accessories


  • Saves you money on hooks lost to rust.
  • Ensures your hooks remain super strong and in peak condition.
  • Allows you to use high carbon steel hooks without the worry of losing hooks to rust.
  • Contributes to the ultimate goal of catching more fish. More often.
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