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Okuma Trio Rex Arena 60

Okuma Trio Rex Arena 60

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Experienced surf anglers are excellent at positioning themselves for success. Whether it’s their approach to structure or the angle at which they attack a rip line, the mechanics of a given technique in a large part dictate success. The other defining factor is distance. Greater casting distance equals greater available target water. The all-new Okuma Trio- Rex Arena delivers a total commitment to distance, constructed upon a foundation of strength. The Trio Rex Arena TXA-60 spinning reel is a size 60 featuring a shallow, large diameter long-cast spool design. With a capacity of 340 –yards of 14-pound monofilament, the reel carries an expansive amount of 30-, 50- or 65-pound braid. The spool design ensures that all of the capacity is functional, instead of being buried within the depths of a standard spool.


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