Megabait Swim'n Charlie

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Megabait's Swim'n Charlie is a highly realistic hybrid crankbait, combining the natural look and feel of soft plastic with a fixed diving lip, common to traditional hard-bodied crankbaits. The result is a superb lure with an incredible live-like action that will fool wary big gamefish of all species in clear waters and heavy fishing pressure conditions.

The Swim'n Charlie will catch big fish during all seasons, spring, summer and fall. The secret is to simply get in front of a big fish. If that fish is shallow, casting the lure will do the trick. If the fish is deep, you may need to troll the lure off a weighted line or downrigger. Trolling a Swim'n Charlie off a planer board is sure to get big suspended fish cruising over open water.

  • "Fishing with Joe Bucher" model
  • Back half section has slits to provide more action
  • Rigged with treble hook
  • 6" in length
  • 2 oz 

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