Matzuo America Sea Spit Sinking

The Matzuo Spit and Sputter lures is an awesome topwater bait designed with brilliant colors, prismatic finishes, and 3-D eyes. Cast the Spit and Sputter, let it sit, twitch it and watch the explosion! Bass cannot resist the vulnerability of these lures. The concave mouth design is cupped to throw the maximum amount of water when chugged. Upon rest, the Spit and Sputter sits at a tail down angle rising to the surface with every movement of the rod tip.

For years, Matzuo has been a leader in lure and tackle design. Matzuo product engineers use knowledge, experience and angler interpretation to maintain the highest standard of quality and performance in all Matzuo products. State of the art technology and rigorous product testing allow Matzuo to consistently deliver some of the most innovative advancements in the fishing tackle industry.

Features of the Matzuo Spit and Sputter include:

  • Unique, prismatic finishes
  • 3-D eyes
  • Cupped popper mouth spits water
  • Matzuo treble hooks
  • Floating, topwater lure
  • 6" long

Type: Lures

Vendor: matzuo

Category: Bass, Casting, Halibut, Inshore, Offshore, Saltwater, Tuna

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