Jackall Seira Minnow 80S

Seira Minnow is Japan’s latest technique. The “i-motion” technique was developed exclusively by Jackall pro staff. Kept secret for years, Jackall is now releasing it to the market.
When bait fish are not threatened, they swim straight. Jackall engineers have designed a bait to swim with no action needed, just like real bait fish. Bass think it is an easy meal.

Type: Sinking

Size: 3.4" / 84mm

Weight: 1/4 oz. / 7.2g

Depth: 0-1 ft

Type: Lures

Vendor: Jackall

Category: Jerk Bait, Sinking

Water actually passes through the mouth and exits through the gills like real bait fish, which fish actually can sense.

Feather on the tail of the rear hook helps to add stability to the lure.

Lure has a weight moving system to cast farther and cover more water.

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