Jackall I Shad

The Jackall I-Shad is the soft-bait version of the I-Motion technique.The Jackall Ishad Lures are soft baits designed for no sinker and a straight retrieve. This lure is like a baitfish with a natural wave motion. Its “i-motion” technique was developed exclusively by Jackall pro staff. Kept secret for years, Jackall is now releasing it to the market. Specially designed with Jackall’s state-of-the-art technology, the I-Shad is designed to swim like a baitfish that isn't threatened, so bass think it's easy prey. A bulge at the end of its tail keeps it stable, and a split tail design creates small vibrations, attracting bass to strike. The I-Shad is also injected with two different salt compositions. It's the perfect lure, designed for freshwater fishing.

SS Shad color only. Each pack contains 6 baits.


Type: Lures

Vendor: Jackall

Category: Bass, Freshwater

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