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Inside Sportfishing

Inside Sportfishing Videos

Inside Sportfishing Videos

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Inside Sportfishing, hosted by Michael Fowlkes, covers fishing around the World on the World Fishing Network. Over the years, Inside Sportfishing has become the longest-running, highest-rated fishing show in Fox Sport's history. We invite you to become an owner of some of the most exciting fishing ever captured on film!

Here are just a few of the exciting and informative videos available...

Butterfly Jigging System - an in-depth look into this revolutionary style of deep water fishing

The Grander - 1000 lb. Marlin at the Great Barrier Reef

Hoop Netting - Comprehensive coverage into the equipment and techniques needed for a successful night on the water

Liquid Safari - Free diver and underwater photographer Kevin Scully takes us on an incredible journey of the underwater world's oceans

Marlin at the Gate - Nonstop action and spectacular footage onboard the Tailchaser Too

Reel Maintenance - Shimano technicians explain basic care and cleaning to fine tuning your reel, covering baitcasters, star drags and two-speed reels

Tuna Town - Non-stop action with incredible archival footage circa the 1950's

Wet Dreams - Billfish action from the Sea of Cortez

 And Lots, Lots More!

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