2022 Halibut Surf Derby Kit

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Join the 2022 Halibut Surf Derby now and win lots of cool prizes! Grand Prize given to the Largest Halibut for the year! 

The Facebook Halibut Surf Derby (HSD) starts Feb. 1 and goes through Dec. 31! Derby will only be available to valid members. When you join, you'll receive your HSD Kit, which contains your ID number, a Lucky Craft Lure, a measuring device, and lots of other fishing goodies to bring you a smile! You'll be eligible for the Facebook Photo Challenge, with monthly prizes. More details are enclosed in each kit.

When you order your kit, you will be emailed a registration form which you'll need to fill out and email back to us at tina@beentherecaughtthat.com. Unless otherwise noted, we'll use the email address you used to submit your order. Remember, we can't send out the kit UNTIL you fill out the registration form and return it to us.

There is a $40 annual fee for membership, and if you want to add on the Biggest Perch Surf Derby, it's an additional $10 for the year. The Derby will only be for California Halibut caught and measured with the official HSD measuring device.

So come join the fun!


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