Geoff Wilson's Waterproof Book of Basic Fishing Knots

This handy pocket-sized guide shows you how to tie knots like a pro. Geoff Wilson's detailed drawings are easy to follow. You'll learn the correct knots and tying techniques for many basic fishing applications.

Included are the Clinch or Blood Knot, Palomar Knot, Uni Knot, Fast Snell, Tagless Dropper Loop, Line to Line Knots, Line to Leader Knots, and lots more! This is the Definitive Guide to Basic Fishing Knots!

So take this book whenever you go fishing. It fits in a tackle box, glove box, pocket - anywhere! 

Illustrations and text by Geoff Wilson

Editor and Consultant Bill Classon

36 pages of clearly illustrated knots - ideal for your tackle box!  6" x 4"


Type: Books

Vendor: Geoff Wilson

Category: book, fishing knots, knots, tackle box

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