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Fishing Armory

Fishing Armory Jigs

Fishing Armory Jigs

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Ready? Aim - FISH? These amazing lures are designed with the cartridges of 20mm and .50 Caliber brass shells. They are heavy, shaped right for a fast sink, and have plenty of action to get the laziest fish motivated and the biggest fish to bite! All styles are rigged with a "moving tentacles" hoochie. Find out for yourself why these are rapidly becoming one of the favorite jigs on the California Coast! Excellent for Ling Cod, Rockfish, Halibut and whatever else that's down there on the bottom!

Choose from

.50 Cal Cod Round - 12 oz

.50 Cal Cod Round - 6 oz (with rattles)

20mm Rattling Round - 14 oz (with rattles)

20mm Dino Round -  26 oz

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