ChaseBaits Frillseeker

Based on a real frill neck lizard both in looks and action, the Frillseeker is as real as it gets.

The Vibrating frill is designed to flare when slowing down the retrieve, while the snaking tail and extremely lifelike body roll will fool any fish into believing there is a lizard on the surface.

The extremely durable hard body of the Frillseeker is more than capable of handling the biggest of fights. The frill and tail additions are made from ultra-durable and strong 10X material for strength and action. Fitted with ultra-sharp, strong and durable hooks, every possible chance is given to maximize your strike rate. Work it slow on the surface, twitch it or add some pace to dive subsurface.

Choose from Dragon or Iguana.

Weight: 16 grams/0.56 oz

Length: 175mm/7"

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