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Been There Caught That

BTCT Weights & Sinkers

BTCT Weights & Sinkers

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Been There Caught That lead weights in lots of sizes and styles!

Choose from Cannonball, Egg, Coin, Torpedo, Claw, No-Roll, and Pyramid. ___________________________________________________


  • A favorite among salmon and steelhead fishermen, the Cannonball drops straight with little resistance due to its round design. The brass eye at the top of the sinker makes for easy rigging.


  • Surf Claw Weight Sinkers are great for use in the surf when the water is turbulent. The small claws that stick out from the main triangle stick in the sand, helping to keep the weight in one location.


    • Ideal for heavy-current fishing with its low-profile design


    • Oval, egg-shaped sinkers are Ideal for catfish and Carolina-rigging


    • Ideal for fishing muddy bottoms, swift currents and surf. With its 4-sided design it resists tumbling.


    • These sinkers include a wire loop at each end, allowing you to attach line to one end and a leader to the other, without worry of twisted lines. Use for trolling, drift rigs and bottom walking rigs.


      • Ideal when fishing rivers or lakes with heavy currents, this teardrop-shaped, low-profile weight holds your bait in place.

      Prices are for 6 pieces.

      Not all styles available in each weight.

      WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.


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