BTCT Flat Jigs

One of the best jigs for Tuna, Yellowfin, Yellowtail and Bluefin. It's a must-have for any anglers who fish in Southern California/San Diego/Mexico. Many anglers say it is the best jig they have EVER tried!

To fish with this jig, you simply drop it down to the bottom, then crank it up 30 feet off the bottom and free spool. The center-balanced jig falls with a wobbling action in a horizontal position, keeping the strike zone longer than with a butterfly-style jig. You don't have to let it fall to the bottom, but just work the jig in 30-foot sections of the water column. Drop it back down to the bottom again, and repeat! Voila! Fish!


Available in 80, 100 and 200 gram sizes in a variety of colors

Flat keel design

Center-balanced jig flattens on the fall

Comes with Two assist hooks


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