BTCT Cedar Plug

The Cedar Plug is one of the longest in-use lures in existence! From articles I have read, the Cedar Plug has been an effective trolling lure for at least 2500 years! One article stated they were probably trolled behind the multi-oar ships in the Mediterranean! I have had many years' experience with these lures, and they never let me down! Excellent for trolling for all Tuna Species, Wahoo, Dorado, and so many more. The action comes when you reach 8 or 9 knots, the drags are set, and when released into the wake, they start doing their thing, going crazy, dancing on the water, and shaking like a leaf! Injured fish appeal? Maybe. What I do know is that these bad boys work every bit as well now as they did thousands of years ago. Even though Cedar Plugs are now made out of many materials, many colors, sizes, and weights, they are all referred to as Cedar Plugs. Check these out... They work!

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