BTCT Small Burlap Bags

Here on California's Central Coast, a rocky ocean floor is a common enemy of most of the different shaped weights, which constantly get hung up. When you fish from shore, it's a bit difficult to get to the other side of the weight to pull it out of its rocky trap. Solution? Mini burlap bags! Just fill one with sand until it's the desired weight, tighten the drawstring, and clip or tie it to your line, and cast! If you get hung up, a couple of light tugs will usually shift the sand enough to free your 'weight', and continue fishing. We have been carrying this version of the burlap bag for 5 years, and the results have been great! Priced at .89 per bag, you can't lose!

Bags feature drawstring closure, measure 3" wide by 4" deep.

Type: Gear

Vendor: Been There Caught That

Category: Saltwater, Sinking, Surf

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