Braid Fin Flyer 10" Swimmer

Braid Swimmer Fin Flyer pops, darts and swims behind your boat while being trolled at both high and low speeds. The Swimmer's silhouette is identical to that of a live flying fish thanks to the wings being set in close to the bait's body. Couple the design with a great bubble trail and it makes the Swimmer irresistible to Mahi Mahi, Billfish and Tuna on those days when no other trolling lure is working. Rigging the Swimmer is easy thanks to its through-body design that allows for the leader to be ran through the bait and a big game hook to be tied or crimped on. A slit in the bait's back allows for tandem hooks, or just a single hook coming out the back. In fact, rigging the Fin Flyer is just like fishing it: the biggest decision is how to troll it, be it on its own, behind a daisy chain, or as a teaser in front of your favorite trolling lure.

Available in Glow only.

Type: Lures

Vendor: Braid

Category: Billfish, Daisy Chain, Mahi Mahi, Teaser, Trolling, Tuna

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