Big Als Fish Flash

The ProChip 8 and ProChip 11 flashers may represent the most significant flasher

development in decades. The spin and kick design combined with the EChip is outfishing

everything on the market. They have several rigging advantages. (1) They can be fished very

effectively with a variety of setups including downriggers, 2 or 3 lb. drop sinkers, dipsey

divers or other planers. (2) The front leader length can be as short as 4 feet and still get an

effective tail kick which attracts salmon and gives lots of action to the bait, hootchie or fly at the back. (3) It can be trolled as slow as 1 MPH and still provide a strong tail kick. This is a big advantage when fishing for mature salmon that will not hit a fast moving bait or lure. Conventional flashers must be trolled at 2 MPH or more to get a good tail kick.

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