Berkley Seven Strand Tuna Clone Feather

One of the most popular Albacore trolling lures of all time, the SevenStrand Hex Head is ideal for trolling at high speeds up to 18 knots attracting a number of game fish species. Albacore are one species of saltwater game fish that really likes commotion. So much so, that charter boats often use their prop wash or even spray water at the surface to mimic the appearance of schooling fish feeding upon bait. The SevenStrand Hex Head is one of the most commonly employed trolling lure for these missile like fish that tend to prefer a high speed trolling approach. In addition to their prowess for Albacore fishing, they also have proven effective on species such as Yellowfin Tuna, Rainbow Runner, Mahi Mahi and Mackerel, to name a few

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