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B2 Squid

B2 Squid Lures

B2 Squid Lures

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Whether you are looking for a saltwater lure, freshwater lure, halibut, salmon, marlin, bass or trout lure, the world-famous, original B2 Squid soft plastic lures are for you.

We carry these versatile lures in a variety of colors, including the Triple Glow colors, one of the best glows on the market. They can be drifted, trolled or jigged for any number of different saltwater or freshwater game species.

Successful techniques have included drifting the soft, lifelike, solid-bodied fishing lures on a spreader bar, trolling them behind a flasher along with chunk bait, and rigging them in a daisy chain. We offer the B2 Squid bodies ready for you to rig.

Squids are available in 9" and 14".

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