Product Review Videos Registration Form



How would you like to get a $50 store credit to Been There Caught That Fishing Supply? If you are a customer of this store, then we have a great opportunity for you! 

Been There Caught That is looking for experienced fisherman who are comfortable getting in front of a camera. We want you to choose specific products sold at Been There Caught That which you absolutely love and make a product review video. 

Tell the fishing community all the features of these products, but also, tell us why you love this specific product, and you can include tips on how to use them. 

Send your videos to us so we can post them on the Been There Caught That Youtube Channel, and then we will embed it on the product page at To say thank you for doing this, Mark said he’s willing to give you $50 store credit.

The owners of the shop came up this amazing plan to help pool all of our knowledge, to educate the fishing community, to give you an opportunity to earn some goodies, and promote your favorite tackle shop all at the same time. 

The following is a checklist for creating your own product review videos. 

1 - First of all, if you want to get started making these product review videos, go to and fill out the registration form with your name, and contact info, and tell us which products you want to review. Then, and this is kind of important, wait for us to give you the go ahead to make that video.

2 - The product must have been purchased from Been There Caught That Fishing Supply, either in their store in Santa Maria, or on their website 

3 - You must mention Been There Caught That as THE store to buy this product from. Do not mention any other stores or websites where this product can be purchased in this product review video. After all the purpose of these videos, is to help promote Been There Caught That Fishing Supply.  

4 - Please feature 1 product or 1 type of product in your video. For example. You can make a review video for your favorite jerkbait, or you can make that video about all the jerkbaits sold here at Been There Caught That, so can review and compare multiple products in one video, as long as they are all the same kind of product.

5 - You must really know these products. So review products that you have enough experience using, and that you’re really excited about.  

6 - WHERE to shoot this product review video. We’d love for you to shoot your product review videos out on the water, where we can actually see examples of how you use it. Another option is to come into the store in Santa Maria, and shoot the video right. If you have fishing work shop at home and it’s appropriately decorated, and you have plenty of lighting to get a good image, that could be a suitable location as well. 

7 - You might be wondering, how long should the video be? To give people the info they really need and show them how it works, requires that video be at least 3 minutes. We suggest videos under 6 minutes for single products. If you’re comparing multiple products you can go as long as say, 12 minutes. 

8 - After you shoot your video upload it to google drive or dropbox and send into 

One final note, if you see a review video on our channel and you think you can make a better one, go for it. We’d like to see that! And we’ll use both videos. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing all these great product review videos that everyone creates! So that’s it guys, go have fun!