Bubba Blade Knives

Bubba Blade™ Sculpin Pocket Knife

The Ultimate Pocket Knife for the Sportsman


  • 3.75" high-carbon, stainless steel blade
  • Super durable, textured G-10 handle
  • Tanto style blade
  • Flipper for one handed opening
  • Deep carry pocket clip allows for tip-up carry
  • Liner lock safety mechanism
  • High carbon stainless steel

The Bubba Blade™ 4 Inch Shorty

The new Bubba Blade™ Shorty works like a mini Chef’s knife and is the perfect knife for the field or kitchen. The Shorty design caters specifically to those with arthritis or weak hand strength or those who need a smaller knife than our 8 inch Chef’s knife to prepare their meals. This Bubba Blade™ features an offset blade, allowing you to utilize the entire cutting edge, and a serrated edge to make cutting easier.

The Bubba Blade™ 4 Inch Gut Hook

Bubba Blade™ is proud to offer the ultimate tool for the hunter. The 4 inch high-carbon stainless steel blade is complemented by a carefully engineered gut hook that eases the task of field dressing. The famous big-red no-slip handle has been shortened to 5 inches, creating a compact knife to easily carry on your belt or in your pack.  The Gut Hook is the ultimate blade for the hunter working in the field.

The Bubba Blade™ Lucky Lew Folding Knife

5" Folding Fillet/Gutting Knife

- 6" Famous patented Bubba Blade "No-Slip-Grip" handle provides ultimate knife control
- 5" High carbon, non-stick, titanium bonded, stainless steel blade
- 1.5" Serrated cutting edge
- Secure lock-back design
- Thumb and finger pads for control
- Safety guards for protection
- Rockwell hardness rating of 56-58
- Black synthetic sheath with belt loop
- Blade folds completely into 6" handle

The Bubba Blade™ 6 Inch Scout

Whether hunting, camping, backpacking or fishing, the Scout was made to handle it all. The sturdy titanium-bonded blade resists corrosion and is complemented by a compact 5 inch no-slip Bubba Blade™ grip. The sawback design equips you with a serrated cutting tool to complement its 6 inch straight edge. The Bubba BladeScout is ready for any challenge from land to sea!

The Bubba Blade™ 7 Inch Penetrator Tactical/Survival

Like all Bubba Blade knives, the Penetrator is built like a tank to hold up under the harshest conditions. The high-carbon, black coated steel blade is 7 inches long and 5 MM thick, has a saw back, serrated edge and is razor sharp, making it a very versatile knife that you will want to have with you in any tactical/survival situation.

The penetrator is also great for killing zombies!

The Bubba Blade™ 8 Inch Chef Knife

The Ultimate Chef’s Knife for the Sportsman. Yes, Bubba Blade has made the knife all you chefs have been asking for. The oversized blade works perfectly with the patented handle, which makes this knife the number-one choice for the Chef. Give this baby a try - you will love it!

The Bubba Blade™ 6" Turkinator with Mossy Oak  NEW!!

The Bubba Blade™ Turkinator™ is the ultimate boning knife for any type of fish, game or fowl. The Turkinator™ is sponsored and endorsed by the NWTF and features a Mossy OakⓇ ObsessionⓇ handle.

  • 5" Famous Bubba Blade handle provides ultimate knife control and features Mossy OakⓇ ObsessionⓇ
  • Synthetic sheath features Mossy OakⓇ ObsessionⓇ
  • 6" High-carbon, non-stick, titanium bonded, stainless steel blade
  • 2" Serrated section of the blade
  • Orange thumb & finger pads
  • Full tang construction
  • Trigger grip lets you put heat on the knife when needed
  • Thumb & finger pads ensure total control 
  • Safety guards for protection
  • Rockwell hardness rating of 56-58

The Bubba Blade™ 10 Inch Sharpening Steel

Keep your Bubba Blade razor sharp with the Bubba Blade 10 inch Sharpening Steel. Our famous full-sized, no-slip-grip handle gives you total grip security while you sharpen your Bubba Blade™. After many prototypes we are excited to now offer this tool specifically designed to complement the steel used in Bubba Blade knives.


  • Full tang construction from a single piece of steel provides strength and stability while balancing the knife
  • Non-stick coating prevents rusting & pitting and keeps meat from sticking on the blade
  • Trigger grip lets you put some heat on the knife when needed
  • Thumb & finger pads ensure total control
  • Safety guards for protection from the blade & spines of fish
  • 8CR13MOV stainless steel
  • Large patented textured no-slip-grip handle made from thermoplastic polymer then wrapped with a special synthetic rubber that stays sticky when wet for total grip security
  • Factory sharpened by hand to razor sharpness
  • Rockwell hardness rating 56-58
  • Custom black synthetic sheath with Velcro straps

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